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nonprofit income statement

For example, a food bank may appear to have $3.5 million in revenue, when $3 million of that consists of in-kind food donations that cannot be used to support the organization’s payroll and facilities. The Statement of Cash Flows shows the inflows and outflows of cash throughout the time period reported, and consists of operating, investing, and financing activities. Nonprofit organizations have the unique opportunity to report their Statement of Cash Flows using either the direct or indirect method. The method chosen should be the method that is most user friendly for those reading the financial statements. The direct method reports cash provided by and used for various activities.

Additionally, the balance sheet provides insight into the organization’s liquidity, or its ability to meet its financial obligations in the short term. A higher proportion of current assets to current liabilities indicates a more liquid organization. A format statement is a fundamental tool for any organization to run smoothly, as this will help you understand your finances better throughout the year and you can keep them under control. Every department of the organization can provide its statements of finance as to where it would have spent the income of the company.


For example, if an organization has a negative net cash flow, it may be in a less favorable cash position than an organization with a positive net cash flow. Examples of non-profit cash flow statements https://www.digitalconnectmag.com/a-deep-dive-into-law-firm-bookkeeping/ can provide insight into how different organizations generate and spend their cash. This statement shows the income and expenses of your organization – its financial activities over time.

Talk to the accounting experts at Jitasa to gain a better understanding of your nonprofit statement of activities. Every nonprofit’s statement of activities will look a little bit different. If you haven’t seen one for your organization yet, or want to try your hand at compiling one, use the following template to get started. You’re required by FASB 117 to report your expenses by functional classification, meaning you’ll need to at least split up your expenses by administrative, fundraising, and program expenses. Nonprofits receive revenue from a number of different sources, all of which are essential to helping the organization pursue its mission. The majority of this revenue will be recorded as gross in your statement of activities.

Statement of Functional Expenses

This does not meet the nonprofit requirements for fund and functional accounting. You will need to take an extra step to export all your data into a spreadsheet to generate financials. Start with a solid understanding of nonprofit financial accounting principles. Nonprofits must file annual taxes as part of their federal tax filing requirements. The second equation you can use to find the liquidity of your organization is the months of cash on hand. Unlike the months of LUNA, this calculation doesn’t take into account the restrictions of assets.

nonprofit income statement

Tax-exempt status under IRS 501(c)(3) refers to a nonprofit which states it must be an organization and operated exclusively for exempt purposes. The IRS is responsible for determining the tax-exempt status of the organization. law firm bookkeeping While your assets are generally organized by liquidity, your liabilities are usually organized by due date. Short-term investments are usually labeled as current liabilities and should be owed within the year.

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